Houston Reproductive Psychiatry Services

Psychiatric Support Throughout the Reproduction Cycle

Are you highly stressed due to the demands of being a new mother, or find yourself quietly suffering through the challenges of menopause alone? Dr. Sandhya Prashad can help! With several years of experience providing reproductive psychiatry care, she can work with you one-on-one to build a personalized treatment plan no matter what stage of the reproductive cycle you are at.

Reproductive psychiatry services available at Sandhya J. Prashad, MD include:

  • Pre-pregnancy consultation: This is recommended for women with a psychiatric history. The goals include establishing a personalized treatment plan for dealing with psychiatric conditions from the demands of pregnancy and post-pregnancy, discussing risks and benefits, and reviewing available treatment options.
  • Pregnancy evaluation: A baby’s health is largely dependent on the mental state of his or her mother. Therefore, these goals include maintaining stable mental health, examining all possible risks and benefits, exploring alternative treatment options, and creating a treatment plan.
  • Postpartum evaluations: Our postpartum services are highly recommended for women experiencing postpartum psychiatric disorders. Treatment goals include reviewing all possible options for treatment and developing a treatment plan that can include safe medication options during breastfeeding.
  • Other reproductive evaluations: This includes examination and support for women who have lost a baby during pregnancy, who are going through fertility treatment, facing challenges with premenstrual mood disorders, or undergoing frustrations with perimenopause and menopause.

Schedule Your Appointment with a Caring Houston Psychiatrist

Whether you are making plans to have your first child or are currently facing an unexpected pregnancy loss, psychiatric care and support is always available and accessible at our office. Dr. Prashad works hard to ensure that her patients’ psychiatric needs are met every day. This is why she takes the time to work with patients and develop personalized treatment plans tailored just for them.

Feel free to stop by the office in Bellaire or call (832) 436-4055 to request more information about the psychiatric treatment process or schedule your first appointment with Dr. Prashad.

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