Treating Psychiatric Illnesses During Pregnancy

Helping Houston Women Through Difficult Pregnancies

Both emotional and psychiatric disorders are widely experienced among women during their childbearing years. Luckily, Dr. Prashad belongs to the small handful of psychiatric experts in Houston who specialize in reproductive psychiatry. She assists women with pregnancy-related psychiatric disorders through the application of effective customized treatment plans.

Treatment plans for psychiatric illnesses during pregnancy include:

  • Maintaining mental health stability
  • Minimizing risks to the fetus during its early developmental stages
  • Reviewing both benefits and dangers of treatment and medication during pregnancy
  • Discussing advantages and disadvantages of treatment and medication during lactation
  • Exploring alternatives for treatment
  • Making a personalized treatment plan

Dr. Prashad’s professional and high-quality treatment plans help women limit and prevent the stresses and challenges that come along during pregnancy. Please contact Dr. Prashad at (832) 436-4055 to ask questions and address concerns regarding treatment for psychiatric illnesses during pregnancy.

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