Board Certified Psychiatrist in Houston, TX

Dr. Prashad is a board certified psychiatrist who has been in private practice in the Houston area for over 6 years. She specializes in treating patients who are struggling with mood disorders such as depression and bipolar disorder as well as anxiety. Dr. Prashad is especially interested in those with treatment resistant disorders. She also utilizes genetic testing when appropriate to personalize treatment based on an individual’s unique ability to process medication. This can improve a patient’s response to medications and minimize side effects. Each patient receives a highly individualized treatment plan, and she ensures that contributing factors are addressed in order to position patients to achieve the highest level of success.

Dr. Prashad also offers cutting edge treatment modalities such as intravenous ketamine to address treatment resistant disorders. With an 83% success rate, the lack of side effects between treatments and depression lifted in as fast as one hour, no other severe depression treatment offers such impressive results.

She also has an interest in reproductive mental health, which focuses on decisions regarding psychiatric medications during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

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Dr. Prashad is committed to delivering the best professional treatment and psychiatric care for patient’s needs in Houston, Texas. Dr. Prashad can work with you to develop a treatment plan that is specially designed for you. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Prashad, please call (832) 436-4055.

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